Recruiting Coordinator

Location: Seattle, WA
Rooster Park is looking for a Recruiting Coordinator (and so much more!) to join our team.
Rooster Park ( is a boutique, Seattle-based contract and full-time recruiting consultancy. We’re a stable, ambitious company, founded by someone with a strong software engineering background and deep roots in the Seattle technology community. We have a great, diverse set of partners, who we work with very closely.
We’re a small firm (3 Recruiters, Business Development, CEO), which means that everyone gets to wear lots of hats. Our Coordinator role is no exception: we’re looking for someone who can own Recruiting Coordination - the structure, the priorities, the communication needs, the challenges - and is ambitious enough to want to do more. Our role breaks down into three parts: some example tasks are listed with each.
Recruiting Coordination (~60%)
  • Schedule phone and onsite interviews between candidates and clients and/or our team, navigating complex scheduling challenges across multiple people
  • Prepare resumes for submittal to clients
  • Communicate clearly and concisely with clients and candidates
  • Keep the recruiting team up-to-date on candidate status
  • Keep our internal and external-facing job listings up-to-date
Human Resources Generalist (~30%)
  • Manage our database of employee information, including onboarding and offboarding employees in transition
  • Onboard new employees by working with them to complete paperwork in a timely fashion, and then offboard as needed
  • Manage relationships with benefits providers and be the first level of response to our employees
  • Coordinate our yearly benefits renewal process
  • Deal with individual issues around benefits, payroll, and other employee concerns
  • Discover areas for improvement to our HR and Recruiting processes, suggest solutions, and implement them
Executive Administration (~10%)
  • Create and manage company events - holiday party, after-work evening events, etc.
  • Manage our general office logistics - supplies, snacks, tenancy issues, security, anything office related
  • Calendar and light details management for CEO
About you:
  • Excitement About Recruiting. We want someone who can be passionate about the hiring and recruiting process, and/or wants to get more involved in HR in general. If you have a specific interest in a recruiting or account management career, that’s great, but it’s not necessary.
  • Strong Organizational Skills. There is a lot going on here each day, and our expectations of this role (and each other) are high. The only way to keep up is to be able to keep yourself organized - keep on top of your priorities, communicate clearly, and have systems to keep things in order.
  • Off-the-charts Detail Orientation. This role requires someone who can manage a tremendous amount of detail - hear something once, get it and go.
  • Excellent Communication Skills. You represent us in email and on the phone with partners, employees, and candidates; what you say needs to be specific, clear, and reflective of people with busy lives.
  • Service-Oriented Attitude. Lots of people will talk to you all day long about all kinds of topics. You need to be constructive, optimistic, and helpful no matter how small it might seem - we’re all pitching in to get things done.
  • Solid Computer Experience. You need to be fast, accurate, and detail-oriented with Word, Excel, and basic web tools.
  • Ambition. The “special something” that makes someone effective with us is ambition - the interest in doing something bigger, better, more. It doesn’t have to be career climbing - you just have to be excited to take on things bigger than you know now.
What we offer:
  • Supportive Team. We’re a senior team that likes working together, and we appreciate the role a Coordinator plays in making our organization hum.
  • Growth Opportunities. We’re happy to support ambitious people in their future career path, whether that’s recruiting or otherwise.
  • Autonomy. Once you know how to do something, it’s yours: nobody tells you how to do your job, and you don’t need to clock in and clock out.
  • Competitive Compensation. A fair salary and bonus eligibility: when the recruiting team is bonused, you are as well. This also includes our comprehensive medical benefits, ORCA pass, and 401(k) program.
Some other details: this is a full-time, salaried position, onsite in our office in South Lake Union - we aren’t looking for someone who’s partly or full-time remote. Our hope is to hire someone in the next few weeks and train them, and we hope you’ll want to be here for at least two years in this role - and then we’ll help you with your next steps, in recruiting or otherwise. Previous folks in this role have moved into Recruiting, Program Management, and other roles at small companies and large (e.g. Facebook).
If you’re interested, please reply to this listing with your resume and something about you that tells us why this might be a good fit for you. We will read it!
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